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ICAM TECHNOSYS is a private limited company registered under the company's act 1956 and having it's offices at Kotagiri and Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. This is an IT-ITES company, supported by STPI, MeitY, Govt. of India through IBPS scheme. The Directors of this thriving organization possesses knowledge and skills in the field of general problems of Computer science, marketing, corporate handling as well as skills within the scope of software development, information technology enabled services, education, government projects and social welfare activities. This enabled us and our associate companies to successfully undertake several software projects and web application projects. ICAM TECHNOSYS latest Innovation is based on Tribal Development and using IT as a tool for the upliftment of Tribal Livelihood. We associate with renoved Tribal development Organization like NAWA to scaleup the economic status of the Tribal Communities by taking the Tribal Products to the Global market.
The Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association (NAWA) is a charitable NGO founded on 1958 in Kotagiri, Nilgiris. NAWA works closely with the District Administration, District Health Department in monitoring and implementation of various health and Family Welfare Programmes in the Nilgiris District. NAWA is also net working with other NGO’s in the district in monitoring and evaluating various Health, Livelihood and Family Welfare Programmes for Tribals. The Govt. of India and the Govt. of Tamil Nadu have approved NAWA and grant aided several programmes.
NAWA has established Areca plate Manufacturing unit in Gudalur run by tribal women, promotes Textiles from Thoda tribes, Paintings from Kurumba tribe, Pottery from Kotha tribes, Bamboo cane handicrafts from Irula tribes, and Lantern making from Betta Kurumba tribes, has initiated a Cooperative Tea Factory project at Kunjappanai village proposed to be run by Tribal, for Tribal and has established Tea Snacks Kiosks and a Tribal Products Sales center for Tribal on the Kotagiri-Mettupalayam Highway at Kunjapannai Point.


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Thoda Tribes - Embroidery

The Toda Embroidery, also locally known as "pukhoor", is an art work among the Toda pastoral people of Nilgiris, in Tamil Nadu, made exclusively by their women. The embroidery, which has a fine finish, appears like a woven cloth but is made with use of red and black threads with a white cotton cloth background. Both sides of the embroidered fabric are usable and the Toda people are proud of this heritage. Both men and women adorn themselves with the embroidered cloaks and shawls.

Thoda Embroidery - Production process

The local terms used to describe the embroidery work are 'kuty' or 'awtty' meaning "stitching" and 'kutyvoy' meaning the embroidered piece. The materials used in this work are roughly woven white cloth, woolen black and red threads with use occasionally of blue threads and manufactured needles. The fabric used is coarse bleached half white cotton cloth with bands; the woven bands on the fabric consist of two bands, one in red and one band in black, spaced at six inches. Embroidery is limited to the space within the bands and is done by using a single stitch darning needle. It is not done within an embroidery frame but is done by counting the warp and weft on the fabric which has uniform structure by the reverse stitch method. To bring out a rich texture in the embroidered fabric, during the process of needle stitching, a small amount of tuft is deliberately allowed to bulge. Geometric pattern is achieved by counting the warp and weft in the cloth used for embroidery. Women who do embroidery consider their work as a "tribute to Nature".

Kurumba Painting

Kurumba art is a unique tribal art form found in the Nilgiris. The Kurumba paintings depict the tribe's way of life--farming, animals, their honey hunting escapades etc. The themes include harvest festivals, religious rituals, social gatherings, huts built of leaves and wood, women drying food grains, earthen pens for hens and wild animals prowling the forest. The Kurumba trainees made large art on handmade paper and board, besides painted cards, notepad covers, etc. The choice of themes became more versatile as they gained confidence, and their choice varied from the vegetables and tubers to weddings and functions in their community. The depictions were of nature – trees and mountains, driving away bees while gathering honey, weddings and festivals. The solemnity of tribal life with prayers to the forefathers and communal participation at every stage of life was also brought out in the art.

Irula Tribes - Black Pepper

Irula, also known as Iruliga, are a Dravidian ethnic group inhabiting the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Irular means "dark people" in Tamil and Malayalam, from the root word irul, meaning "darkness." Thurston speculated that it either referred to the darkness of the jungles which they inhabited or their dark skin complexion. One of the Main Occupation of these tribes are cultivating Black Pepper in the jungles.
Nilgiris Wild Black pepper is a popular spice that is used all over the world. It is rich in vitamins and minerals like manganese, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin K and carotene. It also contains essential oils like pinene, limonene and myrcene.

Nilgiri Wild Honey

Nilgiris Tribes, especially Kurumba and Irulas, traditionally, hunt for honey on the cliffs of the Nilgiris, atop high trees, inside tree cavities and also in underground hives. In recent times, with reduced forest cover, climate change and government restrictions, it has become increasingly difficult for these tribes to collect wild honey. Gathering honey from wild bee colonies is usually done by subduing the bees with smoke and breaking open the tree or rocks where the colony is located, often resulting in the physical destruction of the colony.
Raw honey has the highest amount of pollen and nutritional compounds, which means that it is the most beneficial choice for your health.

Kota Pottery

Kotas, also Kothar or Kov by self-designation, are an ethnic group who are indigenous to the Nilgiris mountain range in Tamil Nadu, India. They are one of the many tribal people indigenous to the region. Pottery making amongst the Kotas, the book records, is a collective enterprise in which both men and women participate. Men engage in the construction of the wheel and help the women in the digging of clay and firing. Shaping of the pots and padding on the wheel is done entirely by the women

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